2 Day Live “Boot Camp”

We call the 2 day live portion of our mentoring program a “Boot camp” because it is a fast pace intensive class.  We will go through all the Ichimoku strategies and multiple time frame analysis.     Here is a breakdown of both days:

  • 1st Day:    The goal for the first day is to learn to trade consistently with one time frame with a 3:1 reward/risk ratio.   We will go into full depth on all the Ichimoku strategies.    We will review Trader Psychology and try to expose your psychological weaknesses.  We will also discuss money management in great detail.
  • 2nd Day:  This is optimization day where you will learn how to trade looking for a reward/risk higher than 3:1.    During this day, you will learning Ichimoku timing elements, Multiple timeframe analysis, counter trend, and Top-Down Analysis.  You will also be introduced to the Ichimoku research center and tested on some of the concepts you learn.