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Ichimoku $EURCAD Post Trade Analysis

Posted on January 31st, 2017 by

Ichimoku $EURCAD Post Trade Analysis.    Yesterday, we posted a Bearish trade setup for the EURCAD on 60m for the Forex Currency market.

Overnight, we got stopped out at break even.

In every losing trade, you need to do a post analysis to determine what happened.    If you notice the same “pattern” for loses then you need to adjust your trading plan.

Remember, this is a probability “game”.   You will not win 100% of the time.    You will lose.  The key is min. when you loss and max. when you win.   Also with time, your win/loss ratio should improve if you keep on analyzing your losing trades.

Here is the post analysis.  First, notice, we are trading in a consolidation pattern.     The trade setup occurred in the middle which means this is an low probability trade.   It is aggressive.  The best high probability trades are trend and pull back because you have some type of momentum.   We have no problem taking aggressive trades in consolidation pattern as long as it fits our rules and risk is low.

The charts is below which shows the setup.   Notice, we took the trade off …

$NFLX Ichimoku and Seasonal Opportunity Before Earnings

Posted on January 17th, 2017 by

$NFLX Ichimoku and Seasonal Opportunity Before Earnings.   $NFLX is a seasonal Ichimoku trade I have been trading for years.    Here is the seasonality for it for the last 10 years provided  It has a 76% probability of being bullish.   Also, 23% of the price action that occurs in January so it has a high probability of moving.

In the last couple of years, it has been bullish except for last year.   Seasonality are probabilities but no guarantee it will occur for sure.  As a result, you want to verify with Technical ALL the time.   In 2016, the charts on a weekly time from tradingview showed that the instrument was going through a bearish pull back to the  support at 87.05.    Earnings helped pushed price to the support.

Let’s examine what the weekly time frame looks now since earnings is almost here.   This week, the breakout for the bullish strategy has occurred and there is high probability of price getting to 147.35/161.40 long term.

Earnings is Jan 18, 2017 so volatility has to be high now.  Average IV is around 42 but the current IV for a lot of the …