About Us

E.I.I. Capital Group was founded with a few basic principles that we believe can lead to long term sustainable trading success in the various markets. We believe in teaching our students Patience, Discipline, Structure, Dedication and Confidence as they are the foundation to making each trader a leader and a profitable trader. Our trained Students believe in taking control of their own financial destiny. Some use our training to make extra supplemental income, others use it as the full source of their income, some use it as a component of their businesses, and some professionally trade client funds with our strategies.

For us trading is a passion, understanding the financial markets and profiting from them is our business
Our Staff has been trading actively in the business for the last 15+ years. Much of what we have developed is based off of these years of experience. We have experienced the euphoria of the 2000 internet boom melt up, and then it’s devastating collapse. We survived it. We have also traded through the 2008 financial collapse, as well as the May 2010 Flash Crash. All these events have caused an unprecedented amount of financial turmoil. Major financial institutions have lost billions of dollars, or gone completely bankrupt. Many People have watched their retirement assets, their homes, and their jobs disappear. Many individual investors have become lost and not sure where to turn for help.

Developing a student into a successful trader is not an easy task. Statistics say that 90% of traders FAIL. “The School of Ichimoku” has developed a multi tiered system to develop our students into profitability.

First we teach them the indicators behind the Ichiomoku Clouds, and the strategies using them that we have developed over the years.

Once they have mastered the indicators, then they develop an individually tailored trading plan. Our team of coaches make sure it is a detailed plan so that they are disciplined in taking trades and our team makes sure the strategies are simple and money management is strict. Every student / trader must live to trade another day.

Many traders over the years master the art of Ichimoku and have disciplined strategies but they have trouble finding trading opportunities. That is why we developed our software which includes an Ichimoku Heatmap, Ichimoku Scanners and Ichimoku Multi time frame Email Alerts. This helps our subscribers gain an edge in the financial markets.

  • 50% of your education comes from us. The other 50% comes from you.
  • We do not want any students left behind.
  • We have coaches in all of our locations