U06-SES: Singapore Stocks 6 Timeframe Buy Ichimoku Email Alert

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U06-SES: Singapore 6 Timeframe Buy Ichimoku Email Alert.  We received a 6 Timeframe Ichimoku Sell Email Alert on Aug 14, 2017. Here is the email alert:

Based on the 3 Step Trading Plan published earlier. (https://www.ichimokutrade.com/c/?p=10431), we looked at a iMTF™ Bullish Pull Back Trade on a 60m time frame.  Below is the 60m chart provided by eSignal.

The iMTF™ support (matching support on 240m/120m/60m/30m/10m) was at 3.240.   As a result, the entry was 3.240, initial stop of 3.231, and the target will be 3 times the risk @ 3.270. The reward risk ratio was a 3:1, hence we decide to take the trade as it did fit our trade plan. The trade has been triggered on the 14 Aug and we took profit on 16 Aug.


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NVDA Post Earning Trade Opportunity

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NVDA Post Earning Trade Opportunity.  Last Friday, NVDA was going to open the market with Earnings Announcement.    On the strategies we talk about in the Options University is pre-earnings and post earnings trades.   With the iMTF® Indicator, we look for a trade before and after earnings.

For the pre-earnings, below is the weekly chart, we were looking at.   Price was close to a major support at 163.57 which seemed like a good opportunity but notice the yellow dots above the weekly bar for two weeks.    This was indicating over extension.    With over extension, it is not good to go bullish at all.   We could not think about bearish at all either because an instrument in over extension can remain in over extension for awhile and also because all the higher time frame where still bullish no signs of weakness.

As a result, we had no pre-earnings strategy.

The only strategy, we could do now is post earnings.  Since all the higher time frame are bullish and the stock keeps on making new high’s over and over, the only thing we could do is recognize a major support so if earnings was bad, it …

ETF Contagion

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The idea of ETF Contagion is a relatively new aspect of the stock market in the current era.  It seems like everyone is abandoning methods of “picking” stocks and just letting their retirement funds ride in what is now known as “passive investing.”  This basically amounts to parking money in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).  With the now ubiquitous presence of high frequency algorithms dominating market volume a fragile system has been set up.  The next crash could very likely be the confluence of these two factors running into a systematic failure.

Over a century ago Charles Dow laid down observations about markets that have proven true throughout time that bear his name as Dow Theory.  One of the more precient examples is the 4th precept that “stock market averages must confirm each other.”  What that means in practice an in a more expanded way is that all assets of certain classes tend to move in tandem with one another.  In modern times this theory has manifested in a very modern way.  High frequency arbitrage is nearly the only arbitrage trade left in a market where the closer one can reach the speed of light the more money there is to …

Newsletter $Forex / $Currency: Consolidations/Breakouts.

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Breaks outs and Consolidations. What are the relationship of the two. If you keep it simple, it’s the two conditions price can be in. Trending or not trending. They both lead into each other. Keeping an eye on a consolidation is good because eventually it will lead to a break out. A break out will end with a consolidation. Now if we take these two and add some rules of engagement then we can know when to look for the right setup.

Break outs, I’m going to keep simple for this article. For a break out , all I want to have is 1:1 reward risk before I can consider taking a trade.

Now for consolidations , I need to rehash on an old article I wrote about consolidation. It’s important to mark off the high and low of the consolidation. Then from there mark off the center of the consolidation. Simple way is to use Fibonacci and mark off the 50% level. Another easy way is look for iMTF™ crosses or dots if you have the iMTF™ indicator. iMTF’s™ are 50% levels of the high and low.

Here are my consolidations rules. Price will violate the 50% level until …

Futures – Monthly Update for August

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Futures – Monthly Update for August 2017

We encourage traders to diversify their portfolios and it is something we will continue to do. We continue to put a special emphasis on trading Futures products and here we take a detailed look at the major products in this category from Equity Indexes, Energy, Metals and more. We will continue to track these on a month-to-month basis and provide our views. Below is a table summarising various Futures contracts as of close of market on August 4, 2017.

If you would like to learn how to trade like an institutional trader or learn more about our multi-timeframe email alerts, go to www.ichimokutrade.com or email us at info@eiicapital.com

For educational purposes only. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Forex, Futures, Equity and Options Trading has large potential rewards, but also has large potential risk and may not be suitable for everyone. View our full risk disclosure: https://www.ichimokutrade.com/c/disclaimer/


US Stock Monthly iMTF™ Market Update

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US Stock Monthly iMTF™ Market Update.  The US Stock markets are continuing to go higher and higher month to month.     Let’s examine to the charts to see where price can go to before going through a pull back.

Since the markets are going higher month to month, we are going to focus on the daily time frame to find the major support/resistances.

All the charts are provided by NinjaTrader.

We are first going to look at the daily chart for the $NQ Nasdaq futures.  The reason is that $Nasdaq has been leading the markets higher since beginning of the year.    As a result, we will see if this is still the case.

The chart is showing some weakness.   We have a multiple time frame resistance at 5920.25.   This resistance developed just after we broke the last high from June.   We broke the June high by just a little and then a resistance developed.   This is not a good sign at all.     This increases the probabilities of the supports being broken.  We have show the minor support and major support at 5778.00.

Below is the daily chart for the $Dow futures …

Why is the $US $Stock market going higher?

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Why is the $US $Stock market going higher?   In the news, I keep on hearing many reason why the market is going higher.   You hear it is because corporate earnings are good.   Some people think it is expectations from Trump policies about to come.    These are just two things being stated in the news….but there is many other reasons too.

In this article, we want to present another view.    The view is a technical view looking at the US Dollar $Currency vs the SP500.     We will examine the $Dollar futures vs the E-MIni Sp500 futures

Below is the monthly chart for the $Dollar vs $ES 500.   From Dec 2010 to June 2014 the chart is bearish.  This indicated that the Sp500 was stronger vs the Dollar.     The chart then went through a bullish pull back with the dollar getting strong until January 2016.   After January 2016, the bearish trend continued.   April 2017, we retested the low and broke it.    The dollar continues to get weaker which is making the SP500 stronger.


Below is the weekly time frame.     It clearly shows the dollar stronger …