Trading is all about experience. The more experience you have, the better the trader you will become. This is assuming you are learning from your mistakes and not going in “circles”.

When a person takes a course today, they are learning only about the theoretical part of trading, not the practical. Courses have become boring to a point where a student gets a huge thick manual of power point slides. The instructor goes through the entire manual slide by slide. Very rarely do they share their own practical experience on the material that is being presented. This has led to statistics where 98% of the retail traders fail.

In order to fix these statistics, we have to analyze the problem with most trading education programs, and most traders:

  • Some Courses Are Purely Theoretical.

    They do not relate the subject being discussed to “real world” examples.

  • The Instructor Does Not Have Real Trading Experience At All.

    In order to be a trader, you have to be trading. Trading has to be a higher priority than teaching.

  • Most Courses Do Not Offer After-Class Support.

    When the course is over, the students have to turn the theoretical experience into real world experience. It is absolutely essential to have on-going support from a veteran trader.  Students will often get lost, and lose focus and confidence. There must be on-going support from a veteran trader.

  • Most Courses Do Not Teach About The Psychology Of Trading.

    50% of trading is the technical/fundamental side. The other 50% is the “mindset” of the trader. The majority of courses cover the technical/fundamental part of trading but never cover the psychology part of trading.  Such as preparation, mindset ,emotions ,patience, etc. Most retail traders think it is not important to learn this but they are wrong. The majority of the time, traders fail due to a faulty mind, not faulty strategies.

  • Most Courses Have Different Courses For Various Instrument Types(Currency, Futures, Stocks).

    A chart is chart. If you learn how to read a chart, you can trade any instrument in the world. The minor details of the instruments are different but the charts are the same i.e. X-axis is always time and the Y-axis is price.

  • Most Courses Are Complicating Trading.

    The simpler the system, the easier it will be for you to follow. Trading MUST be a Habit.  In order to address all these issues, E.I.I Capital offers a University based Education program. It has taken us over 5 years to establish our education program to determine the correct “recipe” for all types of traders. No student graduates from the University until they have achieved CONSISTENT profits. The program is split into 4 sections. Also, the classes in each region are 4-6 months apart. This way, WE have the ability to concentrate on each individual student.