iMTF™ Ichimoku University Overview

Ichimoku Mentoring Program

1. 4 Weeks of Pre-workshop webinars

To start the mentoring program you will have the opportunity to participate in up to 3 webinars which are designed to bring everyone to the same level of understanding of Ichimoku and provide you with a foundation for trading that you will begin to build upon. We will start with the Ichimoku indicators and the basic strategies including price action, order entry, and high probability strategies. The webinars are designed to prepare you for the live boot camp which we strive to make intensive.

2. Live Bootcamp over 2 days.

We call our 2 Day Live class a boot camp due to the intensity we try to bring. We will go into full depth on all Ichimoku strategies. We will focus on one time frame trading and multi time frame trading. We will review risk management and trading with 3 to 1 risk/reward strategies and higher. We will review trader psychology and try to expose your psychological weaknesses and trip you up wherever we can. Finally we will show you top down analysis, counter trends, and an introduction to the Ichimoku Research.

3. 2 Months of Post Class Mentoring

You will be given 8 weeks of mentoring via webinar. Once a week you will meet with a mentor and you will discuss a strategy to trade and you will review your trading log. Your trading log will be required to be submitted to your mentor once a week. Here we will enforce proof of concept learned in the boot camp and see which strategies fit your personality best.

4. Trading room

Following completion of the program, you will be invited to join the global Ichimoku trading room where all graduating students worldwide sit in and trade in everyday. This allows you a forum to post your own trades and receive a vast array of commentary from other students as well as comment on their trades.

5. Fully Comprehensive Ichimoku Research Center

You will receive complimentary access for the duration of your mentoring program to the Ichimoku Research Center.

This center includes the following

• Ichimoku Heatmap with proprietary numbering system for all instruments.
• Ichimoku Stock, Currency, and Futures Scanner.(With many different scanning options)
• Institutional Options research located on the scanner tab
• Support and Resistance levels located on the scanner tab
• Ichimoku Multi time frame trading setups via Email Alerts.

Section 1 Pre-Workshop 1 Month The goals of the pre-workshop are to setup all the building blocks for a good trading foundation. The student will learn various concepts and various tools.
Section 2 Live Course 2 Days The goals of live course are to take everything that was taught in the pre-workshops and put it together to create a trading plan which consist of strategies, money management, and psychology of the trader.  It can not be done through a webinar either. It has to be done in person. The instructor has to be able to adjust to the audience so everyone learns.
Section 3 Post-Workshop 2 Month The goals of the post workshop are to take everything that  was taught from the live class and put it to practice on live opportunities in the market.  Every student will need to go down a journey to discover what type of trader they are.  As a result, the student will practice everything over the next 2 months to determine what they like and what they don’t like to do.
Section 4 On-Going Support 1 year+ Monthly Webinars, Skype chat room for all traders worldwide, Email tutorials, etc.