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Options 101


In this two hour course you will learn all the basics of options and move into understanding how to use the basics to trade Options Strategies.   Also, learn how to create and understand a risk graph for Calls, Puts and all options strategies.   You will learn how to analyze maximum risk and maximum profits for each type of trade set-up.   Included in this course is understanding what makes up Unusual Options Activity.  You will learn to understand how to scan for Unusual Options Activity in real time with Think or Swim.  Also, learn to determine potentially the best entry and exit points for all of these different options strategies.


Options University (3 Months Minimum)

We only hold the Option University TWO TIMES a year in our trading office! It is a “live” interactive workshop where we “step” you through the process of finding opportunities, analyzing the “greeks” to determine if they are cheap or expensive, drawing “Risk Graphs” that illustrate the max risk and max reward, chart analysis, etc.     THIS IS A COMPLETE COURSE. You will never take another Options course again because we cover everything. Not only will you learn how options work but you will learn all the Institutional strategies. Here is the breakdown of everything that you will learn:

  •  What are options
  •  How to build Risk Graphs (they outlined the max risk, max profits, breakeven values, etc).   Would you like to learn about options through a visual image or tedious math calculations.   Other use math calculations.   We use Risk graphs that illustrate everything about you need to know.    Risk graphs can be created in a matter of seconds.
  • Learn ALL (including custom)  options strategies.   We will go through the pro’, the con’s, and the market condition based on years of EXPERIENCE FOR each strategy.
      1. Call Options
      2. Put Options
      3. Vertical (Spread) options
      4. Calendar options
      5. Iron Condor Options
      6. Diagonals Options
      7. Straddles/Strangles Options
      8. Much More…

How to Scan for opportunities whether you are a day trader, swing trader, or long term trader. Learn various Option Institutional Strategies

      1. Ichimoku Trend Strategy
      2. Pre-Earnings Strategy
      3. Post-Earnings Strategy
      4. Seasonal Strategy
      5. Pairs Trading

This is not a “workshop”.   This is a University Program, “where your success is our success”.   The program consists of the following:

    • Webinar Pre-Class to Setup the Foundation
    • 2 Day Live Class
    • 2 months of bi-weekly Mentoring Sessions.
    • Access to Private Options Chat room of traders
    • Much more….